MKLLC Law partners with leading class action/complex litigation law firms, leveraging the latest in data and research technology, to successfully investigate, develop, and litigate employment-related class actions, all on a contingency fee basis.

MKLLC Law attorneys & analysts actively monitor the job market, the retirement plan industry, financial markets, wage & benefits data, regulations, new case law, and events across the US that may affect employees including:

  • Excessive fees or losses in 401(k) or ESOP retirement plans
  • Failure to pay overtime or other wages
  • H-1B Discrimination against U.S. employees
  • No recruiting/poaching/wage-fixing agreements among competitors
  • Discrimination in layoffs with a focus based on age & gender
  • Mass layoffs

When a major negative employment event takes place such as any of the above, MKLLC Law leverages the latest data and research technology to immediately investigate and, with our co-counsel, file class action claims on behalf of the affected employees on a contingency fee basis only – no upfront payment by employee clients and our fees are paid only if we recover money for the employee & the class.

Some of the class action firms with whom we co-counsel: