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You can be involved in a case in three ways: join as a class member, participate as a class representative, or you can simply follow the case.

Class member - Doing nothing – You will automatically become a class member if you are eligible. If the case is ultimately resolved, the appointed class administrator will obtain your name & address from the defendants to mail you instructions for recovering your share of any settlement; or

Class representativeRead about Class Representatives here. Complete & submit the case Retainer Agreement by searching for a case and then following the prompts; or

Class member/Follow the case – Don’t want to wait for contact from the class administrator? Or just want to follow the progress of the case? Sign up for early class member notifications - Just provide us your name and email address by signing up here. We will keep you posted via email on the progress of the case and other class action information.


  Class Member Class Representative
Must be Eligible YES YES
Any Fees or Costs NO NO
Retainer Agreement NO YES
Share in Class Settlement YES YES
Has Class Representative Duties NO YES
Class Representative Award NO YES
Can Withdraw At Any Time YES YES
Approve Final Case Resolution NO YES
Phone Call with Attorney NO YES

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call 212-389-6111.